Thursday, July 9, 2009

I went into the local super market and noticed something surprising on the front page of the newspaper - my face! It gave me such a shock. I spent the rest of the time thinking everyone would recognise me. It was a mini version of what celebrities must feel liek all the time and when my husband showed my face to the check out girl I wanted to run away and hide!

Also, my bus driver recognised me! So did the lady at the dairy. So I am famous - along my bus route anyway.

Here's the link to the article - it's about my book.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A word about poetry

It happened almost by accident. I was looking for short story competitions to enter when I stumbled across the New Zealand Poetry Societies International Haiku Competition. I thought OK, why not? So I went and had a look at the examples of past winners and good poems on their website.

I spent a few hours writing, came up with a dozen or so poems sent in half of them and promptly forgot all about it. A few months later I got a phone call to say I'd won! Apparently there were over 700 entries from around the world.

Poetry has changed a lot since I was at school. Take the poem I wrote when I was ten years' old:

A pair of eyes watch
Hidden with fear they follow
They are my scared eyes.

This poem follows the traditional western syllable format 5/7/5

These days that's a no no, apparently. You aren't supposed to have any thes, as or ins etc.

A more modern version of this poem might be:

Eyes watch
Hidden with fear
My scared eyes.

Personally I prefer the one I wrote when I was ten. It's more fun trying to restrict your words to a particular word count, I find.

Here's a link to the NZPS webpage:

Friday, July 3, 2009


Hello, I'm Erika Gilbert, paranormal romance author, mild-mannered library assistant with a psychology degree, accidental poet and most importantly mother to a very intelligent, beautiful boy who is a joy to both parents.

I started writing seriously after the birth of my son over five years' ago. Well, after the why-won't-he-stop-crying-and-just-sleep? stage - which lasted eight months.

I was born in Kent, England but I don't remember much because by the age of two I was on my way to Australia. I stayed there just long enough to cuddle some koalas, meet a snake in the bathtub, and find a family of red backs under a log. Then, when I was four I came to New Zealand. I bunny-hopped to a few cities (there's more than a drop of gypsy blood in my family) before coming to a stop in Nelson for the furthering of my education at a prestigious girl's school. Courtney Love attended the same school, apparently. so I can't quite follow my parents logic.

My father, Tom Millard, died before he was able to realize his dream of being published. I hope he's proud.

If you like vampires, skin-walkers, witches and a touch of druid magic then check out my book here:

I hope you enjoy it.