Friday, April 13, 2012

Coffee Time Review for The Chamelion's Bite

ISBN#: 9781926931487
May 2011
MuseItUp Publishing
202 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups
Jade Carson used to be one of the best of the vampire assassins; now she is what she used to hunt and more. She is also half goddess due to a god’s curiosity about the eroticism of a vampire’s bite. She is protected by an indestructible sword.
Aeron Blake is a Dark Elf, and one of the most feared assassins ever. He needs Jade’s help to find the Chameleon, a creature who can shift into anything. The creature has attacked Aeron’s partner and kidnapped his boss’s daughter.
The Chameleon is terrorizing the city and has set his sights on Jade. The half vampire/half goddess has untested and possibly limitless powers and he wants a taste. Aeron is charged with destroying the creature and he needs Jade’s help. The chemistry between the two is explosive and immediate.
I really loved this story. The starting scene is exciting and violent, and the rest of the story is fascinating. Jade thinks she is a loner, but she collects a large and interesting assortment of friends and dependents as the story progresses. The settings are wonderful, moving from a gritty urban environment to the wildly exotic land of the fae. The author has left a few loose ends, which I am hoping will lead to at least one more book in what looks to be an involving and exciting series.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

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