Saturday, May 19, 2012

Calling All Talented YA Writers

Call for Submissions!

Series Title: Let's Keep It Real!

Noble Young Adult - Not Just Romance! is seeking novel or novella-length stories for a new series of books. The stories must meet the following criteria:

1. Stories in which young Adults are facing some of life's more controversial challenges, such as: gang-related issues, drug-related issues, sex and sexuality-related issues, pregnancy-related issues, "the boyfriend from the wrong side of the tracks/parents disapprove," etc. Authors must do all necessary research, address consequences (no sugar-coating), refrain from "preaching" (this is not an author's opportunity get climb up on the soapbox and attempt to change anyone's morals or values - we do not stand in judgment), and use language and words appropriate for their characters. Above all, as the call for submissions title states, Let's Keep It Real!

2. All sub-genres.

3. Length - 10,001 words and up.

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For specific questions regarding this call, please email