Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meet Jade Carver of The Chameleon's Bite

Hello, I’m Jade Carver; former member of the Paranormal Assassins’ Guild, part goddess, part vampire and all round nice girl. I’m currently being pursued by a homicidal Chameleon that’s going around biting paranormals in order to consume their power. Being able to melt into the surroundings, the Chameleon can hide pretty much anywhere.  He’s given me a fright on more than one occasion, rising up out of the ground and appearing right in the middle of my living room. I know! Scary. I do have a secret weapon, however, in the form of an indestructible sword. Sounds good doesn’t it? And it is. It’s sharp and can cut through anything and, well, it can’t be destroyed. It’s great. When it shows up, that is. There have been many occasions when I’ve found myself reaching for my sword and coming up with nothing but air. Other times it appears when I really don’t want it to. The name says it all; Skraela Svero, or Screaming Sword. I know. Why couldn’t I have a weapon named Sweetly Singing Sword instead?

Mind you, I’ve been to some interesting places lately. Like Changeling City. Never heard of it? Neither had I. It’s a parallel city magically created by Changeling fairies. It’s become a place for the paranormal outlaws of the world to hide. It can be dangerous and magical, the perfect place for a psychotic Chameleon to hide. This is where I met Grand Master Vampire Hugo Vine, a vampire for whom even Master Vampires are slaves and mere vampires like me are cattle. For some reason this scary vamp has taken a liking to me.

I’ve also been to the Fairy Wildes; this is where the really bad fairies are sent for all eternity. I met a couple of Fire Dryads – these are basically tree fairies that can set an entire forest on fire. They like to burn people.

I’ve met some other . . . interesting people too. I’ve recently acquired a couple of houseguests: a newly turned pair of werewolves. Apart from ruining the furniture they could get me in a lot of trouble with my landlord. There’s also the witch Lucretia. She started out as a black witch but a run in with my sword kind of changed her. She’s a white witch now, though some part of her former self remains. I don’t entirely trust her.

Last but not least, there’s Dark-Elf assassin, Aeron Blake. I’m not sure how I feel about him. He’s tall and dark, with the greenest eyes you’ve ever seen and a six pack to die for . . . well you get the picture. He’s perfect for me. There’s just one slight problem. He was sent by the Paranormal Assassins’ Guild to kill me. Let’s face it. If I had a Facebook page my relationship status would read ‘it’s complicated’.

You’ll find my story in Erika Gilbert’s novel, The Chameleon’s Bite, coming out in 2011. Let’s hope she allows me to defeat the Chameleon. You never know, I might even find true love.

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